Sunday, May 31, 2009

my wish list! 5 more to go!

only few's left to find! a super rare! there rest are Owned.. huhuu
  1. 2002 Target Pop's Garage Set - Purple w/Yellow tampos, w/PR5's
  2. 2003 Auto Zone Exclusive - Pearl Yellow, w/Black hood, flames on hood , Black Malaysia Base, w/BlackPR5's
  3. 2005 Dual Cool 5-Pk - Lime Green w/Black & Silver flames on sides w/PR5's
  4. 2006 First Editions #28
    Mtflk. Gold, w/Black flames, Gold 'Civic' on front windshield, Black Malaysia Base, w/GoldO5SP's
  5. 2007 Code Car #16 3 variation
    3rd Variation Mtflk. Red, w/Black & White tampos on sides, Black Malaysia Base, w/10SP's
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